Our Company: 
We are based in Alicante, Spain, with a 20-year history as roasters and full coffee factory with a fully automated packaging system on-site. Our company, chosen as one of the 10 leading coffee companies in Spain, offers a complete line of premium coffees. Our prize-winning packaging design of our latest Single Origin Gourmet line, recently launched this year, is fast becoming a success around the world given that it is very rare to find a brand offering a complete line of Single Origin coffees. Our coffee is present in many countries and in practically all the continents of the world. 

We are also the creators of thousands of private label coffee brands, in all languages, of clients around the world. 

We ship by sea, land and air. 

What are Single Origin coffees?

“Single Origen” meaning each of the coffees is sourced from one place. Each origin has a unique natural flavour profile which is specific to its origin. Our Single Origins are: Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India and Costa Rica. 

Clients around the world trust us

What we offer:
Through us there are basically 2 options that we can offer: 


Becoming an international distributor of our BURDET Brand. Simply buy wholesale and resell. Currently our top selling coffee around the world is the Single Origin line which covers premium coffees such as: Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatelema, Costa Rica and India. 

The advantages of selling our brand: 
1- You will get lower wholesale prices than for Private Label.
2- You can buy lower minimums and even mix coffees.
3- You do not need to heavily invest in printing bags.
4- You can use our catalogues with your own contact info.
5- We will add you as supplier in your area for when clients as to buy retail.

If you want to create your own Private Label Coffee, we offer:

1- Red, Black or White Bags with labels
2- Printed bags (higher minimums required) 

Burdet Classic
Burdet Gourmet

One of the few companies in the world to offer a truly simplified Private-labelling Process

Client Profile: 

Our clients range from small online sellers to major restaurant and supermarket chains. From small orders to full containers. 

Easy Private Labelling:

With us, it is very easy to create your own coffee Brand. Simply send us your label or design. If you don´t have a designer, we have top-level international designers at very affordable prices. We do the rest and send you back your finished coffee bag, ready to sell. 

One of our websites, myowncoffeebrand.com, offers clients many designs that you can use.


We ship by sea, land and air. 

Approximate shipping costs:

By truck (Europe): approximately 1.5 euros/kg

By air (Rest of the World): approximately 5-7 euros/kg

By sea (pallets): approximately 1.5 euros/kg

By sea (per container): approximately 0.3euros/kg

Order mínimum:

100 kgs (220lbs).

For Burdet distributors, you can order different coffees as long as the minimum of each coffee is a full box (6 kgs/13 lbs).

For Private Label clients, you can order different coffees as long as the minimum is 100 kgs.

Processing times: 

Our Brand: 3-4 days + shipping times

2-3 weeks for Private Label with bags with labels. 

One month if Private label with printed bags. + Shipping times.

Our main markets are USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UK, Ireland, Ukraine.

Orders must be full boxes.

1 kg is 6 bags in a box. (1 kg = 2.2 lb)

500 grams is 12 bags in a box. (500 grams = 1.1lb)

250 grams is 16 bags in a box. (250 grams = 8.8oz)

Packaging options:

1 kg/2.2lb: whole bean

500 grams/1.1lb: whole bean

250g/8.8oz: ground coffee. 

We can offer printed bags or bags with labels.


What info of factory has to be on the PRIVATE LABEL bags:

According to EU law, for us to be able to export, your bag has to indicate (information that we give you): lot number, best before date, our Sanitary License number, ingredients, and indication that the coffee has been roasted in Spain. On the front you must indicate clearly whether the coffee is Whole Bean or Ground Coffee and weight. Please make sure you consult in your country what label requirements there are.

Front and laser-printed side.

Measurements for front labels:

250 grams: 13 tall x 6.5 cm wide

500 grams: 10 cm tall x 10.3 cm wide

1 kg: 20 cm tall x 10.3 cm wide

Please send labels ready for printing in pdf

Measurements for side laser-printing:

Side space that you can use:  50 mm tall x 45mm wide.

Minimum size font: Arial 7.

Please send us the text in Word doc

Info requierments:

Please consult with your authorities regarding what info is required on your

packaging. We can give you a general idea to help you, but it is your responsibility

to make sure. We print what you give us.

Info that is usually mandatory:

Front label:

It is mandatory to indicate:

Name of the product (your logo or coffee name)

Description: Roasted Coffee in beans OR Roasted Ground Coffee

Net weight: 250 grams, 500 grams or 1 kg.

Side laser printed section:

The following info is usually required by all countries. You may add it to the front or

put it on the side, on the laser printed section. You will probably need to put it in the language of your country.

Name of the product (ex: Colombian Gourmet)

Ingredients: 100% Roasted coffee in beans or Roasted Ground Coffee

Store in cool dry place away from light

Weight: 1 kg


Country of origen:

Roasted and packaged in Spain

Tel / Website (usually optional) / Company address

Check if it is required to put manufacturer address

Check if it required to put bar code. Usually required if you are going to sell in supermarkets or similar.

Check if nutritional chart is required. Usually not requiered in cases where the coffee is 100% pure coffee, no mixes.

Below your info, we add our info:

Lot number

Best before date

Sanitary License Number:

Please send us the labels in pdf. The front label has be to be a ready-for-printing pdf.  Any questions, your designer may contact whatsapp: +34-628744644 for help.

Do I have to add taxes to prices?

If outside of Spain, we do not add taxes. If inside Spain, we have to add 21% tax. If in Europe, you need to provide VAT to not get charged taxes.

Payment options?

Bank wire or L/C for big volume.

For samples, we accept Visa/Mastercard through Paypal.

How can I buy samples?

Please go to:


How long to get my samples?

We need approximately one week to roast and prepare your samples + shipping times by FedEx/UPS/DHL.


Colombia Gourmet Supremo

A pure premium gourmet arabica,  mild fruity taste with harmonious subtle acidity, notes of sweet caramel, and dark chocolate finish, and very intense fragrance and high body.  

Costa Rica 

This coffee is clean, sweet, light bodied and well-balanced. 


A fruity unique taste with hints of blueberry, with light body, strong acidity and a wonderful floral flavour.


Heavy body with subtle smoky spicy overtones with a superb sweet finish, a balanced level of acidity and body and rich aroma.


Medium body with subtle hints of wood, tropical fruits and spices, low acidity and a complex spicy aroma.

Brazil Arabica

A soft coffee with low acidity, a big body and occasionally a sweet flavor with hints of chocolate, caramel or cocoa.

Extra Creme

Pure robusta from Asia. Smooth aroma with strong taste. Full bodied and persistent creme in your cup.


Pure decaffeinated robusta from Asia. Smooth aroma with strong taste. Full bodied and persistent creme in your cup.


A perfect blend of 80% arabica and 20% robusta, giving a nice balance with soft and sweet taste and medium body. 


A perfect blend of 60% arabica and 40% robusta, giving a nice balance with soft and sweet taste, medium body and creamy finish. 

Colombia Gourmet Supremo

A pure premium gourmet arabica,  mild fruity taste with harmonious subtle acidity, notes of sweet caramel, and dark chocolate finish, and very intense fragrance and high body.  

You will have a person on Whatsapp to guide you and answer all your doubts 7 days a week

Our Contact Info:

Franca 19 
La Escandella 
03698 Agost, Alicante 

Whatsapp: +34-628744644 
Spain: +34-911845955
Colombia: Tel: +57-15087495
Skype: Cafe Colombiano Premium

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