Café Burdet (Sureste group)

20 years in the hospitality sector and an increasing external expansion behind us.


Since 1994, Sureste Group has always been linked to the administration and management of bars and coffee shops. In 1997, the Hospitality Products Division was created, operating their own establishments in the city of Alicante and its surroundings.

In 2007 and with 9 coffee shops in ownership, Productos Hosteleros made its debut in the market of roasted coffee, with its own brand, elaborated by third parties.

Just one year later, we purchased our own toaster at the La Escandella Industrial Park in Agost, (Alicante). At the moment, we went to India and Colombia to know well the origins and make sure we bought the best raw material. From then, we control the entire production process, from planting, to roasting and packing, with different mixtures and origins.


With a recent presence in the coffee market, but with years of experience in the hospitality world, our client list grows every day, simultaneously with our coffee production, which currently exceeds 35,000 Kgs. per month. This is due to a constant and serious work of commercial prospecting carried out by our team.

Taza café mundo

” We customize for customers with higher sales volume the packaging of the products”




Our pipelines have already gone beyond our borders. Thanks to a professional promotion task in Europe together with the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante, the Valencian Institute of Export (IVEX) and the Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), Café Burdet is present in the USA. Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Russia, China, Slovakia, Dubai and the Emirates of Saudi Arabia.