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The nutritional value of coffee

When drinking straight roasted or soluble coffee (“solo coffee” – without sugar, milk, etc…) provide no calories. One cup of straight coffee (unsweetened and without milk) contains only 2-5 kcal2. However, more than a thousand volatile components have been identified that contribute to provide the characteristic aroma of coffee. In addition, coffee contains certain micronutrients such as niacin, vitamin needed for a large number of metabolic functions, and potassium. A cup of coffee provides about 20 percent of the recommended daily amount of niacin and two cups of coffee cover ten percent of potassium needs.

café salud

The exact composition and organoleptic characteristics of a coffee cup depend on several factors such as the botanical species of provenance, the roasting process, the degree of grinding, the method of preparation, the type of water used and the amount of coffee used.

So coffee consumers can continue to enjoy their favorite beverage in moderation without having to worry about calories.