Café Burdet - Grupo Sureste


20 years in the hospitality sector and increasing expansion abroad vouch for us


cafeburdet empresaSince 1994, the Sureste Group has been administering and running cafeterias and bars. In 1997 the Catering Division was founded whilst making the most of the company's own establishments in and around Alicante.

In 2007 and with 9 cafeterias under ownership, Catering Products appeared, making its debut on the roasted coffee market under its own brand.

The following year we acquired a coffee roaster for our installations at the Agost Industrial Park in Alicante. It was at this time that we began to travel to India and Colombia, tracing the coffee's origins to their source whilst ensuring the purchase of the highest quality raw materials. This was also the time when we took on the reponsibility of running the entire production process ourselves, from planting to roasting and packaging, with different blends and origins.



Years of experience in the hospitality sector and our recent appearance on the coffee market have ensured that our client list keeps growing on a daily basis, in step with our coffee production, which currently exceeds 35,000 kgs per month. These achievements come as a result of the enterprising and perseverant commercial prospection work carried out by our team of professionals.


For our highest sales clients we can personalise the product packaging.

Our products have travelled far beyond our own borders. Along with promotion throughout Europe in conjunction with the Alicante Chamber of Commerce, the Valencian Export Institute (IVEX) and the Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), Café Burdet is present in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Russia, China, Czech Republic, Dubai and Saudia Arabia.